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Basic Needs
We’re meeting people’s everyday needs for community, shelter and food.
Basic Needs
Changing the world one zip code at a time

75215 in South Dallas has the highest percentage of extreme asset poverty per capita in their city. Through volunteering and community partnerships, the people of the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church are casting a vision with their communities to eradicate extreme asset poverty.

Research and personal stories paint a picture of how family income impacts nutrition and health care, housing choices, quality child care and schooling. But we forget to think about how savings and assets come in to play.

What happens when one’s income is suddenly cut off because of a layoff, a medical emergency, or even divorce? Would they have enough assets to live at the federal poverty level for three months? 

The people of these ZIP codes are our neighbors--and they are us.

Learn more about what the Zip Code Connection is doing to address poverty in their communities.


There are many ways to support
the United Methodist Church's work. 
You can donate online or over the phone
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