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We’re meeting people’s everyday needs for community, shelter and food.
Basic Needs
Change the World: Don’t make this just another weekend

We know you can change the world every day, but every third weekend of May, you have the opportunity to join thousands of others.

When you sign up to participate in Change the World weekend, you're joining those who want to find some way to make a lasting impact in their communities. Perhaps you’ve participated every year. Maybe you’ve been looking for some way to give back to your community, and to show kindness because it’s been extended to you. 

Maybe service to others is the only way you know how to show love.

Maybe you’ve seen an unmet need in your community. This is the year you will be the change you wish to see.

There are many reasons why we could let this be just any other weekend. After all, we have all those to-do lists we have to check off. But imagine for a moment what might happen if you decide you’ll give a few hours of your weekend to volunteering at a health fair. Or an afternoon at a community picnic getting to know your neighbors. Or a day packing thousands of meals for the hungry. Or assembling health kits to be delivered overseas. Or providing music for older adults in the local nursing home.

The opportunities are only limited by your imagination, and the impact unparalleled.

Start small or start big. Just start.

Whether this is the 50th sack lunch you'll have packed or the first, we guarantee you'll receive far more than you give in this weekend. Have you identified a need in your community? Connect with a United Methodist church in your area and start a project. The possibilities are endless. Together, we will change the world, one act of kindness at a time, by raising one hand at a time.

It starts with one. You.

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Whether your gifts are of time
and advocacy or financial,  
you can get involved locally to
meet people's everyday needs
for community, shelter and food.


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