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Basic Needs
We’re meeting people’s everyday needs for community, shelter and food.
Basic Needs
Change the World: Little hands

Church isn't a place but something we do. Something we are. That's what we belive at Rethink Church. And there's one weekend a year where thousands raise their hands to make this known to their communities: Change the World weekend.

It's not your typical service project weekend, though you'll find plenty of renovation projects to choose from. Change the World weekend is about volunteers getting together to care for and lift up their communities.

Like at Mandarin United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, where volunteers comforted grieving families who had lost loved ones, helped new refugees set up email accounts, and handed out school suppplies to teachers.

Even the littlest volunteers were able to lift their hands and join their parents to package over 20,000 meals through Stop Hunger Now.

What are the needs of your community?  

Be inspired by more photos from Mandarin United Methodist Church.

Need some help thinking of ideas? Here's a start.


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