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Basic Needs
Mobile solutions for a new age

The mobile phone has radically altered the landscape of communications in the developing world. What may have taken days to accomplish just a few years ago, can now be done in minutes, thanks to emerging practices in information and communication technology. United Methodist Communications is breaking new ground as they create and implement best practices in the field of #ICT4D.

In educating and resourcing local leaders with information about accessible and affordable communication solutions, local capacity is built and implementation of communication solutions in ultra-low resource conditions has begun. United Methodist Communications' in-field partners are there when many of the volunteers return to their home countries - providing for the critical need of ongoing maintenance and repair.

The United Methodist Communications Agency provided mobile tools seminars to equip many NGOs working in areas of the Philippines recovering from Typhoon Haiyan.

We are living in a new era.

One where those who have been disconnected from the ongoing vitality of connection are gaining more fluid access.

One where voices are amplified so others can hear.

Things will be different from before. They already are.  

Interested in learning more about how to be a part of this work? Learn about it at the Game Changers Summit.

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