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Basic Needs
We’re meeting people’s everyday needs for community, shelter and food.
Basic Needs
Serving the forgotten

For over 100 years, InterServ has brought hope for individuals and families in St. Joseph, Missouri, connecting community leaders, volunteers, and churches together to counter the effects of poverty on children, youth, elderly and families.

From their Elderly Nutrition and Homemaker programs, which were one of the first established in the state, to their Mobile Meals program, they work tirelessly to seek out the lost and the least of their communities, so that all may live their lives more fully and more capably.

An ecumenical organization that is linked to The United Methodist Church, the Heartland Presbytery and the Missouri Mid-South Conference of the United Church of Christ, they serve as bridge between communities of faith, neighbors, government programs and community volunteers bring diverse groups together in mission, service and advocacy.

Learn more about InterServ in this issue of Response from the United Methodist Women.

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