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What would the world be like if we all believed in miracles?

Life is so busy. We often find ourselves coasting on cruise control. We can feel as if life is slowly forcing us into a carpool lane that has no exit ramp. We stop paying attention to where we thought we were going and simply listen to the same podcast on repeat.

Even on weekends, when we have a small break in our weeks, Monday is always on the back burner of our minds. Then it dawns on us: Every new week is the same as the last one.

When did life get so busy? It feels as if we have no time to breathe, pause or do some soul searching.

We’re in a rut.

Occasionally, something or someone shakes the day-to-day and week-to-week routine. On a few rare occasions, it might be a good thing, like a three-day holiday weekend or a vacation. Sometimes, an illness or a death in the family disrupts our lives. It is sad that it takes those moments to force us to reevaluate our past and possibly, our future.

Within the Christian calendar, the season of Lent intentionally encourages this kind of self-reflection. Lent is a time to reassess our lives. Where do we see that we have come from? Where do we see us going this year or five years into the future? These questions are for our lives and the life of our families, but also deep within our spiritual reservoir.

When was the last time you really took a moment to think about what you might be searching for? Would it benefit you or others? This is a perfect moment to think seriously about not only what you are searching for, but also why you are searching.

Maybe that longing you feel for a break or a lane shift in life is a holy nudge. We can be so much more than who we are today.

This Lent, what if we challenge ourselves to a life evaluation? What if we create a vision for who we can be? What if we build a “life budget” to make our dreams a reality? This can be the most challenging thing we have done, but also the most potentially rewarding.

The entire Easter story in Christianity is all about who God believes you can be for the sake of this hurting world. Through rising from death, Jesus says that this new life is always available. Ruts are not the only place to drive; there is a new road paved for your life. Even if you do not believe in Jesus, everyone can appreciate a story filled with hope and new life. How are you being encouraged by the hope within the Easter story as you search for new beginnings?

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