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We think students matter, and we’re lending them our support.
From refugee to straight A student

Success in school is difficult enough, but imagine the added challenges of having to flee from your home after escaping abuses and human rights violations, including forced labor and arbitrary executions. That's the story of Mu Dah. 

After fleeing soldiers in her native Myanmar (formerly Burma) with her parents and four brothers, she was able to overcome the language and cultural challenges of her new community and graduate from her high school with honors. 

The [SEE] project regularly reminds me and the planning team of our deep economic, social and educational privilege and compels us to come alongside these beloved youth. - Rev. Adam Kelchner, Belmont United Methodist Church

Thanks to programs like the Summer Scholar Extended Education [SEE] at Belmont UMC and grants through the Board of Higher Education and Ministry, students are able to receive mentoring and guidance on vocational and post-secondary education options. 


Photo: General Board of Higher Education and Ministry 

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