Rethink Church
We think students matter, and we’re lending them our support.
Helping students discern
where they're headed and
helping them get there
We think young adults have incredible potential to impact the world, and we're supporting students who are discovering what that means for them. Some of these students will become principled business leaders in the community. Some will serve the church. Others will live out their vocations — becoming the people that God made them to be — as news anchors and athletes and scholars and artists.
That's Church.

We recognize the value of education to change lives and change communities. That's why we're making opportunity possible for leaders who need it, around the globe. We're supporting students attending Africa University. We're investing in promising students like Marcus McKinney, with a vision to reinvest in local communities. And we're innovating to make educational texts available to theological grad students through our innovative E-Reader project.

We care about the full development of students. We realize students are more than a brain, with fingers for typing; they have hearts, too! So we develop students who are able to analyze social structures at the same time they're developing the kind of robust faith and interpersonal skills needed to improve unjust systems. We're equipping students to use their heads, hearts and hands to change the world.

For generations we've invested in a system of education that provides opportunities for knowledge and spiritual growth — not only for those who call themselves Methodists but for people from all faiths and walks of life. Today these are the principled leaders who are equipped to address challenges — whether as a leader of a transnational corporation, the global church or a local community.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


We care about the hearts of undergrad students. We're on campuses across the country building relationships with students, helping them discern what they've been created to do with their lives.

We've invested in the education of students like Joe Samalenge. Joe, who is doing graduate work in the United States, will return home to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he hopes to transform his country.

We're making quality higher education accessible to promising students. We believe in Black College Fund schools and want to see more students accessing the rich resources these institutions offer.

Supporting learning opportunities that change lives

In the early 20th century we introduced innovative teaching methods and offered new immigrants access to free education resources. In the 1950s we introduced inclusive classrooms. And today we've educated more than half a million students worldwide at United Methodist-related colleges and universities.

Africa University in Zimbabwe is making education accessible beyond its own borders — offering its first distance-learning center in Mozambique. Courses in business administration will be offered, as well as English as a Second Language classes. One University official celebrates the innovation: "It's giving learners the opportunity to climb higher."

If you agree that quality education opens doors of hope and possibility, join us.

Some people think "church" happens on Sundays. We think that living out what we believe, by transforming society, happens 24/7. If you share our passion for education, and believe that access truly changes lives and changes the world, we hope you'll get involved.




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