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How Many Books Is Too Many?

One million books for kids. That’s a lot of books. A “God-sized” goal, as the South Carolina United Methodists leaders are calling it.

This Million Book Effort found its beginnings from the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church’s desire to be in ministry with children in poverty. Stats show that illiteracy and poverty often go hand-in-hand. By helping kids access education tools to get a leg up, lives can be transformed.

The effort is just one of many opportunities the Annual Conference has initiated. In 2013, Conference attendees, along with more than 500 youth, spent a day in hunger-relief ministry with the South Carolina Hunger Project, where they packaged 285,000 meals to send to Haiti through Stop Hunger Now. 

Combating poverty takes many forms. Addressing illiteracy is a one way The United Methodist Church is meeting people’s basic needs. 

That’s church.

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