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To the single person staying in on Valentine’s Day

By Aileen Jimenez

To the person who is staying in February 14th… because it's a Thursday. 

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So, swiping right didn’t bring you a knight in shining armor and it didn’t get you a date for Valentine's. I feel that. I’ve been there.

Or maybe you weren’t looking. Maybe you don’t want to be with anyone right now and you’re just “#LivingMyBestLife.”

I’m all about being a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.

But something happens around this time of year that reminds us about love. In Mexico, where my family is from, we celebrate el dia del amor y la amistad (day of love and friendship). Cute, right? Friendships should definitely be celebrated more often. But here, in the United States, it seems as though the only love worthy of celebrating is a romantic relationship between two people. You can’t get away from it - there are red, heart balloons at grocery stores and jewelry store radio ads urging people to propose with their jewelry. Don’t even get me started on social media and the whole #BaeGetsIt.

Maybe you can’t help but think, “awhh, I wish I had that.” Everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to have a special connection to another human being. I know I want that. I hope you do find love and I hope it is everything you ever wanted, and that you feel valued, appreciated, encouraged to blossom and certain of that person.

But we need to remember that love is not exclusive to two people who are in a romantic relationship. También podemos celebrar el día del amor y la amistad. Y debemos de entender que Dios nos ama. God loves us. God created us with a purpose: to love God. While that may sound simple, loving God comes with several implications. Loving God means you love yourself, because God loves you and loving God means loving others because God loves them too. In fact, God loves you so much that he sent Jesus Christ to die on a cross for you so that you would no longer be separated from God but rather be united with God forever (John 3:16-17). We were created with a purpose: to have a special relationship with our creator (1 John 4:10). Have you ever stopped to think that maybe that emptiness isn’t from the lack of being in a relationship with another person and maybe it’s the lack of being in a relationship with God? This Valentine’s day celebrate love fully. Love God, love others and love yourself. And don’t worry, this day too, shall pass.

Things to do instead of being salty:

1. Write Galentine’s day cards. 

2. Facemasks, ice cream and romantic comedies (Yaasss, queen!)

3. Hand out flowers to your coworkers, random people at a mall and if you’re shy, leave them in the restroom with a cute note. You never know whose day you can brighten up. And you’ll be surprised by how much joy you will feel by spreading love to others.

4. Enjoy these #relatable memes to get you through the day

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Aileen Jimenez is the author. She lives in Nashville, TN, where she serves at United Methodist Communications. She enjoys memes, ice cream and reading about empowering women from the Bible.

[Posted February 12, 2019]

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