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Humanitarian Relief
We’re responding to crises that overwhelm a community’s ability to recover on its own.
Humanitarian Relief
The 2016 Summer Floods Disaster Relief

The two most affected areas this summer due to flooding are Louisiana and West Virginia. The United Methodist Church is present and providing multiple opportunities for support and disaster relief. 

The flooding that hit Louisiana this August was unprecedented.

• 6 trillion gallons of water fell in two days
• Over 4,000 people were displaced 
• 60,000 homes were destroyed or damaged
• 30,000 rescues occurred

Yet, even in the face of such overwhelming stats, there is always hope. Hear the hope in Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey’s own words just a week after the event:

“Yet, even in the midst of the life-shattering experiences of the last week, we see signs of hope. We see neighbor helping neighbor. In Baton Rouge, where just weeks ago racial tensions were at their height, we have seen floodwaters cross every racial and socio-economic barrier. We have witnessed black police officers carrying white citizens through floodwaters and white police officers carrying black citizens to safety. Just yesterday, I helped one of our African-American churches distribute lunches to black, white and Hispanic people in need. 

“Need is need.”

Here is another reminder of hope in the midst of challenge:

West Virginia:

The full Flood Damage Report from the conference can be found here but on June 23, flooding due to torrential rains and flash flooding caused:

• 500,000 people to be without power
• 4,000 homes and businesses damaged or destroyed 
• At least 1,800 people without a home
• 14 water treatment stations damaged
• Road and bridge repairs estimated to exceed $46 million. 

But the good news is that The United Methodist Church is bringing hope and relief through UMCOR and the New Vision Depot, and you can join them! For more information on how to help, go to this website.


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