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Creating joy with every PB&J

AfterHours Denver isn't your typical congregation. Every time they get together, they make PB&J lunches that they give away to the homeless the very next day (Service in the service). They don't claim to have it all figured out, but they do have a great time trying. 

There is a void in the God business...People that have good energy and that want to be a part of something bigger. - Jerry Herships, Pastor

One of these ways is by serving 500-600 sandwiches every week at the local park. Why do they do this? Because they believe it's about creating joy. In fact, if you asked Jerry what his mission statement is, that's what he would say: He creates joy. Working with folks to make sandwiches or putting a sandwich in someone's hand. Offering communion or gently used clothes. This is church. This is love.

At AfterHours, they've found that doing something for others is exactly the kind of thing that connects people and spreads God’s love, so they do it all year round.

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2013 Christmas in the Park / AfterHours Denver

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