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Improving food security in South Sudan

Decades of civil war has impacted the lives of millions of South Sudanese for generations to come. The country lost an estimated 2 million lives and many were forced to flee in search of safety. But slowly, these displaced South Sudanese have opportunities to establish food security.

A grant from the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) in support of its field office in Aweil in Northern Bahr el Ghazal will improve food security and livelihoods of South Sudanese families through goat rearing and vegetable farming projects, allowing families to meet their food needs and sell surplus produce at the local market to meet other needs such as school fees and medication.

Through UMCOR, 450 goats have been purchased, vaccinated and distributed to 54 returnees and 36 internally displaced persons. With this funding, training in animal husbandry techniques and additional vaccinations of the goats against common diseases can continue.

Additionally, UMCOR has provided tools and vegetable seeds to 28 returnees and 18 internally displaced persons who were identified as particularly vulnerable. Through training in appropriate agricultural practices and in business management practices, these persons and their families are able to work collaboratively on small plots to plant their vegetable gardens, leading them into sustainability and out of a life of food insecurity.

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