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Finding Strength
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Anxiety can weigh heavily on our spirits. While we don't have all the answers, we've found that God's love gives us strength and confidence to move beyond our fears. Together, we're processing our questions and fears while exploring faith's supportive strength.
That's Church.

Olu Brown:What is God's Plan for My Life?

Rev. Brown offers insight on purpose, clarity, and expectations of God. Check out his video series, Hello God? We have Questions!


You don't need to have it all figured out. Life is a journey with lots of turns and intersections. As you figure out what path to take, we have helpful suggestions: from figuring out how deal with self-doubt and depression, to finding a sense of purpose, to getting some ideas about how to best impact the world around us.

We believe that God walks with us on life's journey. But how do we know that God is actually there? We have some practical suggestions for tapping into the presence of God on a daily basis. We also offer handy tools for deepening your personal spirituality and some creative ideas about praying.

We're here to offer what support we can. When life feels chaotic, we offer suggestions for finding balance. We also have advice from those who have been there before. As well as some ideas about how to slow things down when the pace of life seems on the verge of getting out of control.

"Faith helps us to find trust again and again when, from a human point of view, the foundations of truth have been destroyed."

Eberhard Arnold

If you have questions...


If you’re sometimes skeptical or doubtful about where life is leading. If you’re confident but curious about what the future holds: We hope you’ll join us! We look forward to processing these questions and being there for one another.


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