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Giving Yourself Grace

Ending the month of January is usually all the time it takes for us to honestly grasp how we are doing with our goals and commitments for the New Year. If we are honest with ourselves, we can see continuing the healthy habits toward wholeness — or skipping them so often that our goals slowly shift back into wants and dreams.

Where are you in the process of meeting, exceeding or watching your new year goals slip away from you?

Have you considered why you might not be at the place where you hoped to be by this point? Did you set unrealistic goals and simply let them go rather than resetting them? Or did an event occur in your life that kept you from your rhythm of wholeness in the New Year?

For some of us, it is anxiety and depression that becomes our greatest enemy on the journey to better ourselves. So, here are a few thoughts to ponder. See if you can get back on track with your dreams and goals for your health and wholeness.

1.Cultivate community

There is no need to try to work out or even set your goals alone. The greater the number of people you have around you, the greater the chance you have to be encouraged, supported and even held accountable. Community is an investment and must be actively cultivated. 

2.Seek help

If you really do struggle with depression or anxiety, seek help. Tell your doctor and loved ones and see if you can start a plan toward wholeness that will honestly help you. Depression and anxiety can keep us from growing toward wholeness more than most things in our lives. This will be a long process, but completely worth the journey.

3.Reset goals

Maybe you realize by now that the original goals you set for yourself were a little unreachable. Well, don't give up! Simply reset the goals in increments that you can reach easier and more often. Winning small battles up front will set you up for larger goals down the road toward the end of this year.

4.Forgive yourself, and start again

January is not the only month of a year that you can make lifestyle changes. So you made commitments and resolutions, and you didn’t keep them over the past few weeks. So what?! There are plenty of days and weeks ahead and it is OK. Life happens to you and around you. Set aside some time this week or next week and really reset some realistic goals, tell some friends, make sure your doctor is involved and spend some time in prayer seeking the encouragement that you are not alone and this year can still be a time of wholeness in your life!

Give yourself grace along this journey to wholeness. That might honestly be the most important step to becoming the best version of you. 


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