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Two Unexpected Plans for Success

You have probably heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. After years of helping people reach their health goals, I will admit that this is true. Here are a few things for which you will want to plan to make sure you stay on track.

Plan for life to happen.

One of the greatest mistakes I see people make is to take on a 100 percent or 0 percent mentality, often not even realizing they are doing it. They begin the year ready to hit the gym five days a week and to eat perfectly. However, life happens. Someone in their life gets sick; the boss calls a late meeting and they miss their workout; they go on vacation. The list goes on.

Therefore, we must all assume that life will happen. You will not do this perfectly. If you plan for these obstacles, you set yourself up to succeed. View each of these events as a speed bump rather than hitting the wall and you will cruise right over them. When life happens, you have not failed or quit. You only quit when you quit starting again.

Plan for this to take longer than you had hoped.

Television “reality” shows, magazines and books promising extreme and quick results have skewed our vision of how true lifetime health and fitness should look. Those shows and headlines aim at the quick fix or the get-it-yesterday mentality that prevails throughout our society. Here is a dose of reality: the average person will take six to 12 months to get real, lasting results, the kind that come from consistency and endurance.

This is not bad news. In fact, we can use this information to help us to endure when things get rough. We can use these truths to help us not only to exercise our physical muscles but also to help us to grow our spiritual muscles.

Consider this year an exercise in building your spiritual muscles while you work out your physical muscles. Shift your focus from what is happening in the mirror and on the scale to what is happening inside of you. Persisting through obstacles and enduring longer than you planned will help you succeed and, ultimately, get the health and wholeness you seek.

What are some obstacles for which you need to plan in 2016? What is a realistic time line for your goals?

Jen Mulford is the author of 4-Week Clean Eating Kick Start, Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and owner of Zone Conditioning in Mt. Juliet, TN. Jen has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Her coaching , classes and online groups help others find wholeness through clean eating and exercise. 



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