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Race Relations
Jesus wept

The average week's worth of news can seem so bleak sometimes.  It can feel like the rug has been pulled out from beneath us.

A statue of “Weeping Jesus” is found near the memorial site in Oklahoma City where 168 perished in the 1995 terrorist bombing. File photo by Ronny Perry, United Methodist Communications

We read about the death of Dr. Martin Salia of Kissy United Methodist Hospital in Sierra Leone due to advanced Ebola.

[More recently: we read of young people killed while attending a concert in Manchester, UK.]

We read about two girls from one Kansas high school who took their own lives on the same weekend, and how Grace United Methodist Church in Olathe offered the community a candlelight vigil. “It's another step in the healing process,” senior pastor, the Rev. Nanette Roberts, was quoted as saying in the Kansas City Star. 

We also know people who have received devastating diagnoses, and others who were called into the boss’ office and in an instant were unemployed.

When we hear distressing stories like these, we turn to our faith for answers, but often the answers don’t come easily. There are mostly questions. What are people of faith to do in the midst of overwhelming tragedy and strife? Read more >>

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