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Advent Photo-a-Day Challenge 2018

Pause. Reflect. Prepare. Repeat.

Advent is the season leading up to Christmas. It is 24 days of preparation. This year, we're inviting you to prepare by hitting the "pause" button... daily.

We offer a practice for the Advent season that we hope is more meaningful and rewarding than it is hard: Our Advent Photo-a-Day Challenge. Each day during the season of Advent, we'll post a word for reflection. Take a moment (or several moments) of pause and reflection, then share a response to that word through a picture. Post your picture on social media with #RethinkChurch.

Don't worry if you miss a day or two--there's no failing this challenge. We just hope to provide a gift of added meaning to this special season.

If you'd like to see what others are posting, check out this page.

And here's the list of words for 2018:

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