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What would you
ask God?
We believe questions aren't something to be feared. It's by asking questions and exploring our doubts that we find a deeper understanding of God and ourselves. We all need a safe place or community in which to ask our questions and wrestle with authentic responses.
That's Church.

Olu Brown:Why is there evil?

If God is so good, then when is there so much wrong with the world? Olu Brown has struggled with this question… and many others. Perhaps his questions and thoughtful responses are close to your own. Check out his video series, Hello God? We have Questions!


Everything starts with questions. God WANTS us to question, to probe, to go deeper. That is what happens in any relationship that has value. God sees our questions as a sign that we want to know God better. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed that you have questions. Check out some helpful ways for processing questions and formulating helpful responses.

We keep sending thoughts and prayers, and yet troubling events keep occurring. Evil still manages to have moments of seeming victorious. Many are now asking, “What good are ‘thoughts and prayers’?” Maybe you are, too. Let’s explore how asking questions like this can help us identify the usefulness of our spiritual practices.

We've assembled a list of books for skeptics, questioners, and the spiritually curious. Why do Christians believe what they believe? How do you make sense of the Bible today? What's happening at the end of the world? Read on!

“Doubts are the ants in the pants of faith. They keep it awake and moving.”


If you have questions...


If you’re sometimes skeptical or doubtful. If you’re confident but curious: We hope you’ll join us! We’re spending a season diving into questions and welcome you along on the journey. Grab some questioning inspiration from the minds of children and begin asking some questions of your own. We look forward to processing these questions together.


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