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A prayer of remembrance for Hiroshima and Nagasaki

O God, the Creator of this beautiful planet 
     and all that dwells in it,
     we now pause to remember the souls 
     of those who perished in the atomic bombings 
     and those who suffer from radiation even now.

We join our hearts and voices together 
     to pray for peace everywhere.

May the deadly power of nuclear arsenals 
     never be unleashed again upon your sacred creation.

May such weapons of mass and indiscriminate annihilations
     be forever banned and eliminated from the face of the earth.

Forgive our silence, O God,
     and enable your Church to raise its prophetic voices 
     to speak against the madness of nuclear pursuits anywhere.

Renew our commitment to be faithful stewards 
     of your beautiful creation 
     and vehicles of peace.

In the name of Christ, our Prince of Peace. Amen.

Written by Rev. Nobu Hanaoka,
United Methodist minister

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