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A Season of Gratitude

Have you heard, “The greatest antidote for sadness is gratitude”? Gratitude is one of those blessings in life that pushes us beyond negativity and into thankfulness.

Thankfulness opens many doors like encouraging others, finding contentment and even recognizing love. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, Rethink Church invites you to join us in a season of gratitude leading into Advent.

Sometimes, it is hard for us to be grateful when we wonder how we will get through the day. But the practice of recognizing the Spiritual in the mundane and ordinariness of our lives is an opportunity to see the truth around us and find the joy of thanksgiving within each moment of our day.

Starting Monday, Nov. 16, we invite you to a time we are calling “Reflections of Gratitude.” We will post twice daily through our social media – once in the morning and once in the evening, as reminders for you to spend a few minutes preparing to listen and remembering those moments where your heart was filled with gratitude. Then please share your moments of gratitude with the hashtag: #RethinkThanks. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to join the Rethink Church community.

In the two weeks leading to Advent, would you commit to taking notice? Recognize those things, people and places that remind you of the everyday moments of grace. Pause and say, “Thank you.”

We hope this contemplative practice will create a daily spiritual rhythm of gratitude as we make our way to Thanksgiving. May this shared experience bring us together to recognize the gift of community. We cannot wait to read your moments of gratitude and to be blessed by the powerful moments in your life.

Feel free to use the following reflections each morning and evening in this season of gratitude:

Morning Reflection of Gratitude:

During the next five minutes, clear your mind. Be intentional about listening with your heart to each moment of your day. What moments will flood your mind with thanksgiving? Keep those moments of gratitude in mind throughout today and share them with us using the hashtag: #RethinkThanks

Evening Reflection of Gratitude:

Pause. Breathe. Think through your day from the morning to noonday to afternoon. Which moments of your day bring gratitude? Please share them with #RethinkThanks. May this daily season of gratitude be a blessing to you and to others.

If nothing in particular comes to mind from the gratitude moments in your day we suggest these themes to reflect upon.

Nov. 16.          A hobby that brings me joy









Nov. 17.          Creative work (poem, book, music, theatre, etc.) that moves me









Nov. 18.          A time when someone offered me assistance









Nov. 19.          A practice or activity that makes me feel whole









Nov. 20.          A place where I feel most like myself









Nov. 21.          A way I can share my resources with someone else

Nov. 22.          A tradition or celebration that grounds me

Nov. 23.          An experience that changed my life

Nov. 24.          A relationship that challenges my point of view

Nov. 25.          How I feed my spirit

Nov. 26.          Advice people have given me

Nov. 27.          A time when I challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone

Nov. 28.          A sign of new life around me


Rethink Church wants to accompany you in the journey of life when it comes to your spirituality. Join the Rethink Church community as we walk together by finding a home at, following us on Twitter , and liking us on Facebook

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