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Advent & Christmas Spirituality
Advent Brings Wonderment

Do you remember how you felt about Christmas as a child? The excitement and sense of anticipation that grew as you noticed the sparkly lights, aisles filled with toys and talk of snow? Just for a moment, try to remember your favorite Christmas.

How impossible it was to wait for Christmas morning, how you counted the seconds on Christmas Eve until you were certain that you heard hooves on your roof and were completely positive that elves had invaded your house? 

When do adults lose this wonder? This sense of joy and anticipation for Christmas? When did you allow the cares of this world and the worries of being an adult overshadow the sheer excitement you once felt? 

Where did we lose the wonder, the anticipation of Christmas? Where did we forget to observe the wonderful season of Advent: that time in which we sit on pins and needles and await the birth of a Savior? 

Rethink Advent, friends. During this time, childlike wonder is the only reasonable response! It is actually quite unreasonable, if you think about it, to allow temporary worries like finances, family dinners, gifts, schedules and expectations of others to dull our celebration. To anticipate. To shout from the rooftops that we are not forgotten, alone or hopeless. The one time of the year to dream that peace could be among us. That a tiny baby could save us. 

It is Advent. The time is now to begin your wonder-filled anticipation. Just once, try feeling that giddy, childlike joy, knowing that in a few weeks, the greatest gift you could possibly receive is yours. Just savor that for a bit.

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