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We have all been at a point in our lives when the joy is not as much as it once was. Sometimes, the holidays turn out to be the worst days of the year. We come to grips with the thought of someone we love not being around this year. We realize that we would much rather be alone than be phony toward the people we should love and care for the most.

For some of us, the holidays are difficult. Our pain, anger or frustration starts to consume us. We think about ourselves more than we think of others. We think about the things we are dealing with, the stuff we must do or the worries of what others think of us. Some of us even use the excuse of caring for others as the excuse for filling ourselves with worry.

One of the greatest gifts of Advent is that we get to do the hard work of loving ourselves. Most of us do not have a loving relationship with ourselves. We are by far the most critical toward ourselves than toward anyone else in our lives.

Look in the mirror. You have nothing but good things to say, right? Probably not, since we are our own worst critics.

What does Advent offer us? We can find everything we need in the Christmas story. It is the story of a creation rebelling against the Creator plus themselves. Yet, the Creator chooses to send a baby to bring reconciliation and hope to everyone. The Creator in this story is saying, “You are worth me risking my life to show you how much you are loved and cherished.”

This Advent, let’s all work on forgiving ourselves and allowing us to see ourselves the way God see us, full of beauty and worth.

May you be love/d.

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