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Peace on earth. Do we reserve it for greeting cards and songs? It might seem as if peace is elusive, especially when you see the daily news. So much pain. So much loss. So much fear. So much hate. 

 Yet, Advent is a whisper in the chaos. A small flicker of hope that peace might be more than an illusion or a catchy gimmick.  

Peace. Peace that truly passes understanding.  

This peace is what Advent wants to offer. Advent actually shouts, announcing this peace. Advent is nothing more than peace coming to us. Peace coming into the pain, loss, fear and hate and offering peace. 

Christmas brings a peace that we only find because God refuses to stay aloof amid the pain, fear and hurt. God came into the midst of this hurting world. Why? To bring a peace that comes from realizing we are not alone. 


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