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We’re discovering God together through Scripture, tradition, reason and experience
Exploring What God Is
Up To In Our Hearts
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We think God is interested in knowing, and being known by, each one of us. And while that looks different for every person, we've found some rhythms throughout the calendar year that help us to connect with God. No, not chocolate Easter bunnies. Something better. Something deeper. Something life-giving.
Because Church Can Happen Anywhere.

"In the end what matters is not how good we are but how good God is. Not how much we love God but how much God loves us. And God loves us whoever we are, whatever we've done or failed to do, whatever we believe or can't."


Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." And we think he was on to something — that there's value to looking within to discover some of life's deeper meanings. And to learn more about ourselves. Sure, it can feel scary to peel back some of our layers to notice what's inside — anxiety, sadness, anger, shortcomings, guilt, shame — but we believe it's important. We think that a life worth living is one that honors all parts of our selves: physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual. Together we're finding ways to connect to God and to give God all that we are.

We spend the 40 days leading up to Easter — a season in the church we call Lent — looking inward. It's not the self-involved "navel gazing" kind of reflection as much as it is the diagnostic kind. Like when a parent takes a kid to the emergency room because they swallowed a Lego. The X-ray tech takes pictures to find out what's going on inside; the doc figures out what to do next. As United Methodists, we spend 40 days looking inside to figure out what's going on.
Many spend Lent in self-examination and reflection as modeled by Jesus in Matthew 4: 1-11, where he prayed and fasted for 40 days before beginning his ministry. What happened during those 40 days of fasting and praying in the wilderness? Maybe he needed a break from family, friends and his regular routine in order to see God [and himself] more clearly. Maybe he sought more time with God as he searched for direction and answers to the question that we, too have from time to time: “What are you calling me to do, God?” Join us in being more attentive during this time, by participating in the photo-a-day project.

We don't assume everyone's connection to God looks the same. Or should! We're reaching out to share God's love by meeting people where they are, and sharing our hearts in the process.

We welcome dialogue. We're respecting other people's beliefs and opinions about God, while maintaining our own practices and Wesleyan perspective.

We don't think church should just be for a certain kind of person. We think it's important for every person to have a place where they can express their spirituality.

If you're interested in discovering more about God, join us.

We know that a lot of people think that "church" is either a building with a steeple or a Sunday morning rock concert. We think it's something different. We believe that Jesus called together a band of people he called "the church" who would know him and follow him, loving God and loving people.

Join us in a time of reflection during the 40 days before Easter.




We do not offer you this Bible with an
agenda. Rather, we simply want to
make this everyday Bible and its
relevant index available to you for
the times when answers aren't clear.