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If You Like Zombies…

If you like Zombies, then you will love Easter. 

One of the most popular shows on TV right now is “The Walking Dead.” New episodes start back on February 9th.  In his recent article “Zombies vs. the Resurrection of the Dead,” Eric Metaxas says this, “zombies are a parody of resurrection of the dead.”

The show, claims Metaxas, takes the central theme of Easter—resurrection of the dead—and turns it into something very different.  He even references a character from season two of the show, Hershel Greene:

“Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something a little different in mind.” 

Why are so many connecting with “The Walking Dead” version of resurrection rather than the church’s version?  Let’s look at both kinds…

The Zombie Resurrection

The rest of this season is going to be hard for Rick Grimes and his crew.  Executive Producer-Writer Robert Kirkman wrote an article for Entertainment Magazine saying that these episodes are “very intense.” He goes on to say, “Not only have these people lost Hershel, they lost the prison, but they also lost each other.  They are out on their own, in different groups.”  So what does this say about the zombie “resurrection”?  There isn’t much of a sense of community. Rather there’s a sense of hopelessness that surrounds the humans on this show.

The Christian Resurrection

In contrast the message of Easter resurrection is about hope.  After Jesus dies, the twelve dudes he hung out with—who we call his disciples—get even closer.  They have been through a lot: Judas has betrayed Jesus and Peter has denied him. But they are still community, sticking together, learning from each other.  Friday they thought they had lost their leader, but Sunday he rises from the dead.

So if you are a fan of “The Walking Dead” you probably had February 9th on your calendar. But what if you put April 20th on your calendar? Just like you turned on your TV for the first season of the show and you found the resurrection of the dead fascinating, I encourage you to get up off your couch and explore another type of living dead.  Check out an Easter service near you.

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