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Small Steps for Lasting Change

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a new “diet” is just that: starting a diet. One day they eat one way, and the next day they follow a completely different regimen. Life turns upside down. After years of coaching clients, I have found the secret to success. 

People who make lasting change do not change everything in one day, but make small changes over time.

Here are a few tweaks you could make to become healthier from the inside out.

Cook at home:

The speed of life these days has made a shift in our society from eating at home to eating many meals on the go. Our health suffers. Hidden, fattening and unhealthy ingredients as well as large portion sizes and sugary drinks prevail in restaurants. Planning to eat at home more this coming year will help you reduce overall calories.

When you eat out, consider making a healthy choice and sharing your meal with someone else. Always order water, which leads me to the next tip.

Drink more water:

God made our bodies as a beautiful system that works constantly to fight for our survival, even when our choices become the enemy. Because our bodies are made mostly of water, it is common sense to assume that our bodies need water. When we are thirsty, our bodies are NOT saying, “I need a soft drink.”

When we consume sugary drinks, including “energy” drinks, our bodies work overtime to filter those drinks to send water to our cells. Many organs go into overdrive. That wears out your system and deprives you of much-needed energy to go about your life. Choose water.

Eat real food:

Continuing the same thought process, eat real foods. Food that comes from nature, and therefore, God, works well with these wonderfully made bodies. Our bodies love to use an abundance of foods as fuel. Unfortunately, most of us eat foods that come from a box, not nature. Our systems do not easily recognize that “food.” It is full of toxic ingredients and robs us of our full potential toward wholeness. Eat food that your body recognizes as food.

We can make each of these changes by taking small, baby steps over time. The key to long-term success is to make one small change. When that becomes a habit, make the next change. Expect it to take time. Learn to enjoy the process of self-discovery and spiritual endurance. Any of these suggestions can be life changing, so choose one and start today.

Jen Mulford is the author of 4-Week Clean Eating Kick Start, Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and owner of Zone Conditioning in Mt. Juliet, TN. Jen has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Her coaching, classes and online groups help others find wholeness through clean eating and exercise. 



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