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Humanity’s Public Library

Outernet is a company that is revolutionizing education and information sharing all over the world, but especially in countries and locations where the Internet is not a viable option. Fully 80% of  the world’s population does not have access to the Internet,, and Outernet is building a new way to share the world's information with everyone.

They call it, “Humanity’s Public Library”. One small box (called a "Lighthouse") connects to any generic satellite, and Outernet downloads information from satellites  into the Lighthouse box. Then the box acts like a basic

computer server, storing the information and creating a Wi-Fi signal accessible by everyone for free. It is similar to the concept of free over-the-air TV channels in the U.S., which anyone can access with a TV. This library requires only one small box ($100), any satellite dish, and a Wi-Fi enabled cell phone or computer on the receiving end. The users cannot send information back to the box, so it is only a one-way communication, but to receive WikipediaKhan AcademyProject Gutenberg, and so much more for free in remote parts of the world… This means Church can happen anywhere, literally.

Imagine how the church can bless this world with education, faith, and spirituality through this kind of technology. The church could provide lighthouses in communities all over the world, to provide free education for anyone who desires to learn or teach. 

Follow Outernet at their website or on Twitter: and @Outernetforall

Learn more about how our technology can bring social good at

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