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Can I Find a Job That Has Purpose?

We want our work to matter. We want to make a difference. And getting paid to do something we love--well that's even better.

Identifying what gives you purpose is a good place to start. Do you find it fulfilling to help people? Create something new? Cook the most excellent burger? Solve problems?

Finding purpose in what we do doesn't mean we have to work for a non-profit or a church. Though sometimes, it does. We didn't all wake up one morning and decide we knew exactly what we wanted to do for the next 40 years of our lives.

Sometimes, we find ways to live out our calling in life outside of our 9-to-5 jobs.

You're not alone in wondering if you're the only one who is still figuring out at 25, what to be when you grow up. It's a process and it takes some listening and sometimes a little wandering as you figure out what fits.

Frederick Buechner, an American writer and theologian says this about our calling:

The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

Perhaps you will land a job where your passions and skills unite in this amazing way.

It's never too late [or too early] to explore what that is. So go.

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