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Do You Have to be a Superhero to Leave Your Mark?

We want our lives to matter.

And a lot of us, especially if we grew up watching Wonder Woman and Superman, want to do something where we can leave our mark on the world.

Relevant Magazine wrote about this very subject in an article called, Vocation or Occupation.  The word “vocation” comes from the Latin vocare, which means “calling.” The article suggests that vocation has an air of grandeur and mystery to it. It acknowledges that we all want to be summoned for something great. (Visualize your favorite superhero getting his or her special super-signal.)  Occupation, though?  To occupy is to take up space. It’s what you do just to get a paycheck. Doesn’t really inspire, does it?

The United Methodist Church believes that vocation is an important part of who we are. And we’re convinced that if we really pay attention to God’s calling on our lives, there’s a greater chance we will respond.

And it’s not just for the heroes in stretchy supersuits. It’s for all of us.

Even so, we know that it can be strange, even difficult, to live out what you’re made for. This is why we’ve developed various ways that you can discern vocation.  Because even if you know the difference between the two, actually living out the difference can be a challenge. The living part is where it gets sticky.  Our church is developing Christian leaders and creating new places to serve.  We want to combat disease by improving global health and engaging with the poor—so maybe you’ll wear cross-trainers and scrubs. These things can’t be accomplished if no one is willing to go. 

We think you were made for so much more than taking up space.

Because that’s church.

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