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Worker's Rights Vocation
Finding Identity In a Labor Camp

The Rev. Lorenza Andrade Smith is a minister to the streets as she lives in solidarity with and learns from the poor in our midst. Recently, she spent time at a migrant brickyard labor camp in India.

She had this to say about her expereince:

As soon as I set my face upon this place, I could not help but return to the Hebrew story in the land of Egypt -- a story of a people making bricks, but more importantly an ongoing story of a people whose lives continue to be entangled with the struggle of identity and of seeking a life of liberation. A story that continues to be shared around the globe by so many of us, perhaps just in a different way. 

In sharing these photos and reflections, Lorenza hopes that others will be moved to go places that God is already at work; to experience new life in being in relationship with others. 

We live out our calling in different ways. How are you living out yours?



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