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Spirituality Vocation
Listen to your life

There's this idea that our actions speak louder than words. That the choices we make matter. But how do we even get to the point where we know what we're supposed to do with our lives? How do we know what to listen for?










Most of us will probably set our eyes on those rockstars who we believe to be good people: founders of non-profits that bring clean water to underserved areas of the world, the teenager in the paper who raised money for her sick classmate, your co-worker who volunteers whenever someone needs a hand.

That's what vocation is all about. It's about listening. 

Instead of setting these lofty ideals of who you should be and how to make yourself into these heroes, have you tried letting your life tell you what it is you should be doing? Before you tell yourself how to live your life, try taking some time to see what it is your life is already doing and being.

Rooted in the Latin word for "voice," vocation isn't some career goal you're trying to pursue. It's something you hear.

So try listening rather than doing. Maybe your life is already trying to speak.

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