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Worker's Rights
We’re dedicated to fairness and justice in the workplace. And we always have been.
Worker's Rights
Rethinking The Value Menu

Can you imagine trying to raise a family on $8.94 an hour? Or even just to feed yourself?

That’s the median hourly wage, today, for a fast food worker.

When the CEO earns $8.75 million annually—a la McDonald’s—the meager wage seems even more absurd.

We’re supporting fast food workers with our prayers and our voices and our bodies. Here are the three things that they’re fighting for:

  1. $15 minimum wage
  2. Dignity on the job
  3. The right to form a union

Basically, we don’t think that these workers should be footing the bill for us to get a cheap burger off the value menu.

Want to know more?

  • Check out our United Methodist Church social principles to find out what we’re committed to standing for.
  • If you’re a person of faith, commit to pray for those in the struggle for justice.

Because that’s church.

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